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The pictures below are of my Ticonderoga class cruiser, the pictures are of the other half of the ship it is being built in two sections.
It is pictured as it is being built when completed I will provide a hyperlink to Page two.

Usually I start to plate I start in the center of the ship. Each plate is custom fit to where it will be placed on the hull. My choice of glue
at this time is CA medium set and I use accelerators. When in position I glue the top of the plate in place and then after it sets I clamp
the lower section in place.

plate3 plate2a plate1a plate2

plate8a plate7a plate6a plate5a plate3

I really worked hard to seal the forward stabilizer by surrounding it with tight fitting blocks of wood then sealing the crack in the center picture with epoxy.
This picture shows how I cut the plate to fit around the two stabilizers. As sctatchbuilders know there are no plans for cutting each plate section you
to use your best guestimates. In the picture far right lower I show how I sealed where the shaft exits the hull. It is made up of a block of wood that I ran through
that was the same size of the shaft. then I cut the block into four pieces of various shapes to fit around the shaft.

Enjoy the site and let me know if you did.

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