Created by James Tuxbury

Below are a few of the nautical theme paintings I have done in the last four years. "Homeward bound" shows a tug going
out to meet an incoming ship, perhaps to bring a pilot on board. The tug is designed along the lines of two radio control
model tugs I have built over the years.

"Galway Bay" is taken from a visit to Ireland

"High Seas" is a miniature painting and it is taken from a remembrance of of a storm on the North Atlantic when I was
on a ship returning from a South American Cruise.

High Seas Galway Bay Homeward bound

"Lighthouse" is a stylized miniature of Split Rock Lighthouse on the Great lakes, I have done several versions of Split Rock.

"Lifting fog" was inspired by a similar painting that I liked and remembered on the west coast.
"Burlington Breakwater" is a painting of the Breakwater in Burlington Vermont, when I was young I would swim out to the breakwater
with my brothers.

Miniature Breaking through fog Burlington breakwater

"The Quay at Wexford" From a visit to Wexford Ireland. I also have a miniature of this painting it was fun to do.

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