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I have been building Radio Controlled boats for the past 25 years. Ed Carlson and Mike Chester are two of the friends who come
to sail the ships with me. Our favorite lake of lakes would be the lakes in Forest park in St. Louis. The map below is on a scale of
500 feet to the inch so you can see that I have a lot of room to roam. (click on the map to see the size of the lake) We usually start
out at the art museum reflecting pool (upper left on the map) and cruise over to Post Dispatch lake where there is a Boathouse
and a resturant(Lower right). We have lunch then cruise back to our starting point. It takes about four hours to complete the circuit.
The boats have plenty of reserves being powered by three motorcycle batteries.
The Burke class ship has a full size truck battery. The total trip is about 7000 feet. The Radios
are good for about five hours. Click on the picture for a larger view, right click and back to return. The ships can withstand 10-15
mph winds with gust up to 22 mph with no difficuliy. The lakes can get pretty rough but the ships deal with it quite well. Thats me
on the left Ed next to me and Mike kneeling next to the hull and standing on the suspension bridge.

Tux and Ed Forest Park map Two Frigates

Navigating under suspension bridge Mikes shot on a rough day Mike Chester

Jim and ED

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Quote from John Lennon. "life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans".

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